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Allocacoc Audio Cube Portable Zero

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Audio Cube Portable Zero – Allocacoc

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Surround Sound:
Get a 360 degree surround sound experience, as our speakers are omnidirectional, therefore projecting the audio across the entire room.
The audioCube has exceptional bass, especially considering its size. Thanks to the speaker’s vibrating plane, (which doubles as an on/off switch) the sound is further amplified. An LED is incorporated into the design, allowing you to see whether the product is on or off.
No External Adapter Required:
Due to the audioCube’s intergrated power circuit, no external power adapter is necessary, making it convenient to place and charge anywhere.
All basic controls (pause/play, volume, previous/next song and scan for pairing) are accessible on the device, as the audioCube features buttons indicating their functions. The audioCube can also be controlled from a distance, as it features Bluetooth connectivity.


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